You Can Be Awake And Asleep At The Same Time: Can Sleeping Pills Help?

You Can Be Awake And Asleep At The Same Time: Can Sleeping Pills Help? - UK Sleeping Pills

  • Posted On: Jan 12, 2018
  • Posted By: Grace Hargate

For something that dominates such a major portion of our time, we still don’t pay it the attention it needs. Sleep, although a natural process is still a mystery to many. More surprising is how much control it enjoys over our mental or physical abilities. It affects our memory, our concentration, our moods and even our metabolism.

Defying the standard rule, researchers are only now realizing that there is no such thing as an 8 hour sleep and everyone’s sleep needs are highly individual. This comes from Dr. Vlad Vyzavskiy, an esteemed researcher at the University of Oxford. He studied the effects of sleep on our mental and physical wellbeing and made some astonishing revelations about what happens when people don’t sleep well and have to rely on sleeping pills like Ambien or zolpidem to fall asleep. To study its affects on our cognitive abilities, Dor.

Vyzavskiy and his fellow scholars probed the brains of mice to understand sleep loss conditions. The routine sleeping patterns of a group of mice were recorded. Electrodes monitored individual neurons that transmitted messages. This information revealed hoe these messages were sent and received when one fell asleep. The activity of the neurons was then compared with the records of a group of mice that were sleep deprived for the same amount of time. After reviewing the results of both,

Dr. Vyzavskiy discovered that the neuronal activity of sleep-deprived mice exhibited sleep-like activity. Meaning, even though they were awake, their brain wasn’t. If the same applies to humans, since their brains too are wired in the same manner, it means that any sleep-deprived human is as good as asleep. They may not physically look asleep but their brain is, which means that expecting them to perform routine tasks such as driving or working in life-and-death situations is like expecting a sleeping person to do them.

Where Do Sleeping Pills Come In?

This startling revelation means that we need to do something about insufficient sleep which keeps adding to our sleep debt. Though one can take part in behavioral studies, a better alternative is sleeping pills. The best sleeping pills are not only fast acting, but have also been known to improve the quality and quantity of sleep. Add to that the sedating action of the best sleeping pills which eases any tension in the muscles and relaxes the mind.

Therefore, taking the best sleeping pills is a great and effective method to cure oneself from sleep deprivation.