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Eszopiclone is an insomnia medication sold under the brand name Lunesta. This medication helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night. It also helps to prevent frequent nighttime awakenings.

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Product Information

Eszopiclone is also sold under the brand name Lunesta, which is a non-benzodiazepine hypnotic medication indicated in the treatment of acute and chronic insomnia. In clinical research, this medication has been shown to improve sleep in adults, without leading to residual effects the next day - e.g. sleepiness. You can now conveniently buy Lunesta online to improve sleep quality and regain a consistent sleep schedule.

What Is Eszopiclone Used For?

Insomnia is a common sleep complaint that involves difficulty initiating and maintaining sleep. This sleep disorder can lead to various unpleasant daytime repercussions, like a lack of energy, low mood/morale and impaired cognition. For this reason, Lunesta is often recommended, as the medication is highly effective in relieving the following sleep disturbances:

In clinical research, eszopiclone tablets have been shown to be effective in the treatment of acute insomnia. This short-term type of insomnia lasts 3 months or less and is usually caused by a notable life event such as a divorce, a new job or relationship problems. Short-term sleeping difficulties can become persistent and develop into chronic insomnia.

Chronic insomnia is defined as trouble sleeping on at least 3 nights a week, for 3 months or more. In some cases, anxiety associated with acute insomnia can cause chronic insomnia. Long-term insomnia can also have many other causes including poor sleep hygiene, inconsistent sleep schedules, underlying medical issues as well as psychiatric conditions, including depression.

A clinical trial was conducted to assess the continual efficacy of this medication in the treatment of insomnia over 6 months of nightly use. There were 788 outpatients involved in the study, between the ages of 21 and 69 years. They all had primary insomnia and needed to meet the following conditions to qualify for the research:

  • Less than 6.5 hours of total sleep time each night
  • A sleep latency (time taken to fall asleep) of at least 30 minutes, for at least 1 month

The effectiveness of treatment was assessed once a week through an interactive voice response system and patients attended monthly visits with researchers. The effectiveness of treatment was based on the following outcomes:

  • Sleep latency
  • Total sleep time
  • Number of nighttime awakenings
  • Time spent awake after sleep onset
  • Quality of sleep

In addition, patients rated their level of daytime alertness, ability to function during the day and overall sense of physical well-being. Altogether, 195 patients in the study received an inactive placebo treatment so the effects could be compared with eszopiclone tablets. The results revealed that this medication improved all aspects of sleep as well as daytime function ratings.

By slowing down overactive nerve cells in the nervous system, Lunesta creates a calm and sleep-inducing effect. This reduces sleep latency so a patient with sleep onset insomnia is typically able to fall asleep in considerably less time. In addition, the duration of effect of this medication is 6 to 8 hours so it allows you to sleep throughout the night, with fewer unsettling nighttime awakenings.

Eszopiclone Dosage Instructions

In general, the lowest effective eszopiclone dosage should be used, as this can reduce the likelihood of eszopiclone side effects. Tablets may be split to achieve the desired dose if necessary. When you buy eszopiclone medication, it is generally recommend to adhere to the following dosage guidelines:

  • The starting dose is 1mg, immediately before bedtime.
  • If you do not experience sleep relief after 1mg, the dose may be increased to eszopiclone 2mg or 3mg if necessary.
  • Elderly patients are generally advised to avoid exceeding 2mg per night.
  • Adults should avoid taking more than one Eszopiclone 2mg dose per night.

Eszopiclone should only be taken if you have 7-8 hours remaining before you plan to wake up. When you buy eszopiclone, avoid taking this medication with a large or high-fat meal as this can delay the onset of effects.

Lunesta / Eszopiclone Side Effects

Along with its intended uses, Lunesta may cause side effects which are usually mild or moderate. The following list describes the most common eszopiclone side effects and what to do if you experience them:

  • Daytime drowsiness - if you feel drowsy during the day, try taking a lower dose. Avoid activities that require mental alertness until this side effect wears off.
  • Dizziness - keep well hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids to help prevent dizziness. Lying down until a dizzy spell passes is often advisable.
  • Dry mouth - rinse your mouth frequently if you experience a dry mouth. Use a mouthwash and avoid caffeine, as it can contribute to a dry mouth.

If you buy eszopiclone, the concurrent use of alcohol should always be avoided as it can significantly increase the likelihood of side effects. Adhering to usage recommendations can help prevent adverse reactions.

Eszopiclone Warnings and Precautions

Before taking Lunesta, patients are advised to be aware of any underlying health issues that may contraindicate the use of this medicine. Eszopiclone warnings include avoiding this medication if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Sleep apnoea (breathing that stops and starts during sleep)
  • Myasthenia gravis (a rare condition that causes muscle weakness)
  • Severe liver or kidneys problems

Eszopiclone may not be safe for an unborn baby. For this reason, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid treatment with this medication.

Buy Eszopiclone Online

You can buy Lunesta online and effectively treat acute or chronic insomnia. Our established online pharmacy specialises in distributing high-quality medication including Eszopiclone 2mg online at cost-effective prices. When you buy Lunesta medication from our online pharmacy, orders are carefully packaged and shipped discreetly to customers. Customers can also expect fast and discreet shipping. Other benefits of shopping online include:

  • Avoid traffic congestion, lack of parking and waiting in long queues as medication can be ordered from the comfort of any location.
  • All customers have day and night accessibility to our experienced online consultants.
  • Our secure encrypted checkout ensures safe payment transactions for every Lunesta order.

Customer Reviews

Tricky – Apr 25, 2022
Great product great service what more could you need From a happy long lasting customer Respect.
Wojciech Lisowski – Jan 02, 2022
Have to agree that them good and products quality are high. But be careful with actavis as I tried and shit Prodes much better. but customer service 10of10
Jason roper – Jul 11, 2021
I use to struggle to sleep once tried those as my dr no problem falling asleep highly recommended
Stephen Fox – Jun 28, 2021
I can not thank you enough. as always, amazing service, good products and customer support.I am very pleased with the delivery time as the parcel arrived Saturday last week very swiftly.
Barbara Hayes – Apr 16, 2021
10 over 10 service. I downloaded their mobile app, browsed for the medication I needed and placed the order. Quick and hasslefree transaction and my order arrived a couple of days later. Totally awesome
KTS – Apr 07, 2021
I have been with them for over 5 years, in that time a parcel has never NOT been fulfilled. They are promt to respond to email enquiries and very discreet in the packaging used.
Charlie Smith – Feb 19, 2021
My order arrived discreetly packaged as promised by Royal Mail signed for. Thank you for the fabulous service, I will order again shortly. Charlie S

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