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Tapentadol 50 mg (brand, Nucynta), is an example of an efficacious opioid pain reliever used by millions of people for the treatment of acute and chronic pain.

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Product Information

There are numerous brands of pain medication on the pharmaceutical market today but opiates have always been a popular choice because of their potent efficacy. Opioid analgesics were first discovered over two centuries ago, when a physician invented a hyperdermic needle and used it for the injection of morphine to relieve neuropathic pain. Fast forward to the current day and age, and these opiates are still as useful are they were all those years ago.

Tapentadol 50 mg (brand, Nucynta), is an example of an efficacious opioid pain reliever used by millions of people for the treatment of acute and chronic pain. These pain tablets are available as fast-acting and slow-release pills, and can be administered for the relief of nerve pain as well.

You can buy tapentadol 50 mg via an online platform, for the safe and effectual treatment of moderate to severe pain.

What is Tapentadol For?

Tapentadol 225 mg (brand, Tofrodol-XX), and lower strength formulations, are classified as opioid analgesics as their main function is to relieve pain:

  • Moderate to severe pain: pain resulting from an injury, such as chronic low back pain, or from a surgical operation can be treated with the use of Nucynta. These pills can be administered by mouth and require about 30 minutes before the therapeutic benefits can come to prominence.
  • Neuropathic pain: also known as neuropathy (nerve pain), this type of discomfort is thought to be one of the most unpleasant pain symptoms that results from damage to the nerves as in the case of the blood sugar disease, diabetes. Just three years ago, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that around 10.5% of the population suffered from this health condition, making it one of the most prevalent diseases in America. Diabetes is known to cause neuropathy in patients with this ailment, but this pain can be successfully managed with the use of tapentadol 225 mg, which is a stronger formulation of the opiate painkiller.

50 mg Tapentadol Dosage

This dosage is typically used to initiate the short-term treatment of acute pain, but can be administered for the management of chronic pain as well. The fast-acting forms of Nucynta can be taken three to four times a day for the relief of acute moderate to severe pain but are not to exceed 700 mg on day one, and 600 mg per day, for every day of treatment thereafter. The recommended maximum daily dosage of the extended-release tablets is 500 mg per day.

For those with mild to moderate hepatic or renal dysfunction, there are no dose adjustments required for treatment but the recommended dosage is 50 mg of the analgesic, every eight hours. These painkillers are not advised for those with severe liver and/ or kidney impairments.

225 mg Tapentadol Dosage

The 225 mg dose of this pain medication can be used for the treatment of chronic severe pain and for when around-the-clock pain relief is required as there are slow-release tablets available, in addition to the standard fast-acting pills. The 225 mg strength pill is formulated with 100 mg of the pain-reliever and 125 mg of carisoprodol (brand, Soma), which is a musculoskeletal medicine.

This advised dosage is for use every twelve hours but you can titrate the dose of this potent painkiller to balance individual tolerance with efficacy. The process of titration involves adjusting the dose so as to achieve optimum benefit with minimal side effects. Additional dosage information is available when you buy tapentadol 225 mg online.

Tapentadol Benefits

  • There are over 80% of post operative patients that complain of moderate to severe postoperative pain. The most frequently used solution to these complaints have been the administration of strong opioid medications but over-reliance on these therapeutics has become an issue with regard to impairments on the cognitive abilities of patients, gastrointestinal intolerance and respiratory depression as well (Vadivelu et. al., 2013).
  • Tofrodol-XX, and other brands of this pain medicine, have shown improved tolerability over traditional opiates due to their centrally-acting analgesic properties and relatively low incidence of side effects. This medication is also not metabolised as other therapeutics are and therefore does not have any active metabolites, it is therefore suitable for patients with hepatic and/or renal failure.

Tramadol vs Tapentadol

Tramadol was patented and released to the pharmaceutical over 30 years ago, and is classified as the same type of pain medication as the relatively new analgesic, tapentadol 50 mg. However, the newer form of pain reliever is considered to be far more efficacious than tramadol pills in terms of its potency. Although, the latter still holds an important space in the treatment of mostly mild to moderate or moderately severe pain.

In a comparison study of Nucynta with tramadol and NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), the usefulness of tapentadol 225 mg (and lower strengths) was proven to be more advanced in terms of efficacy and safety. These studies revealed that the newer opioid analgesics were better at relieving chronic back pain, with a neuropathic component, and for the reduction of hospital visits due to adverse events and poor pain control (Guillen Astete et. al., 2015).

How Long does Tapentadol Last?

Tofrodol-XX is indicated for the relief of pain and can last for 4 to 6 hours, following administration of the immediate-release tablets. These pain-relieving pills should be used on an 'as-needed' basis, but if you require more consistent pain relief, there are slow-release pills available for this purpose.

Tofrodol-XX branded analgesics have a half-life of approximately four hours, this means that it takes approximately four hours for half of the therapeutic to be removed from the body. A relatively short half-life is typically indicative of a relatively short duration of action.

Possible Side Effects of Tapentadol

  • Side effects are the undesirable secondary effects brought about through medicinal treatment as medicines are generally designed to target one area of the body but cannot do so without affecting another.
  • The common adverse effects of treatment with this opioid painkiller are nausea, headaches, vomiting, itchiness and gastrointestinal disturbances. The clinical trials involving the study of the side effects of this medicine have reported that the secondary effects of these pain tablets are normally mild in nature.

Buy Tapentadol for Pain Relief

Pain is considered as a silent epidemic, as suggested by a collaborative study on chronic pain. It was estimated that between 35% and 51% of the general population is affected by this discomfort, making tapentadol 50 mg an ideal solution for this silent epidemic.

You can buy tapentadol through an online pharmacy such as ours, script-free. Online transacting is one of the easiest ways to purchase medications these days. Additionally, our online platform enables secure, safe transactions with fast, doorstep shipping too.

Customer Reviews

James – Jun 12, 2022
Ive tried these and tramadol but the 00mg is way better for pain and less side effects . Cant fault them
Dawn – Feb 18, 2022
I have multiple sclerosis and I also have real difficulty with medical professionals gaslighting patients witholding adequate pain relief. I was really worried about ordering online due to being scammed by another vendor but, thankfully was able to use my card here. My medication arrived within 4 days of placing the order and I am so happy, definitely the real deal. I will use this vendor from now on. Excellent.
Amanda Robinson – Sep 20, 2021
Very good for pain although I did suffer from a light head and balance problems so I cant take them if I go out but apart from that I find them to be excellent for pain.
Jenna – Sep 19, 2021
This has just helped me beat a flu in 2 days. I only needed 1 tablet a day to rid me of sore throat, headache and somehow nasal inflammation. Definitely ordering more. Highly recommended
Elaine – Sep 09, 2021
I bought this pain medication from UK Sleeping Pills and indeed found it very useful in relieving the severe pain I suffer from Fibromylgia, sciatica, and arthritis. It is indeed stronger and better acting than either codeine or tramadol. And that is why I came back here today, to purchase some more as I found them very beneficial.

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