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Etizolam 1 mg

Etizolam is a medication used for the treatment of anxiety, insomnia and neurosis. It is a thienodiazepine medication that produces similar effects to benzodiazepines.

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Product Information

Etizolam is not a widely prescribed medication, but it has proven to be very useful as an anti-anxiety medication for certain groups when other medications fail. Those with generalised anxiety disorder can use the oral and sublingual tablets, as these formulations have the greatest bioavailability (the rate and extent at which the active metabolite of a medication enters the systemic circulation). The bioavailability relating to oral administration can reach as high as 93% for this medication.

Etizolam can be used for insomnia and anxiety, and is also a highly effective muscle relaxant. The most straight forward way to acquire this medication is to order etizolam online. Patients seeking treatment can order approved etizolam pills for sale with great ease via established online pharmacies.

The leading generic brands include Etilaam, Etizest and Etivan-2. Despite its success as an anti-anxiety medicine, it is not readily available in all countries via walk in pharmacies. To buy etizolam customers can simply make use of an online pharmacy such as ours for greater convenience.

Etizolam Uses

Even though etizolam is classified as a thienodiazepine (benzodiazepine analogue), it is a full benzodiazepine receptor agonist. This means that it shares a pharmacological profile with a benzodiazepine and hence, has similar therapeutic properties.

These group-specific benzodiazepine properties make this medication helpful with conditions such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Cancer pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Panic disorders

The main application of this medicine is for the treatment of generalised anxiety disorder. For this mental condition, 0.5mg of the active ingredient was administered to those experiencing anxiety symptoms. Research found that therapeutic effects at this dosage were comparable to a 0.5mg alprazolam dosage (given twice a day) and a 3mg bromazepam dosage (given twice a day). This dosage of medication was also reported to be ten times as strong as diazepam. Therefore a etizolam 1mg tablet provides similar effects to a diazepam 10mg tablet.

Another use of Etizolam 1mg is for the management of neurosis. Neurosis is a mental health condition, which is characterised by extreme distress, but not hallucinations or delusions. This disorder is different from psychosis in which there is a loss of reality observed in the affected individuals.

Etizolam Dosage Information

With regard to etizolam tablets online retailers sell different brands in different locations, which could account for the variation in appearance. This is ultimately dependant on the source of purchase. You can buy etizolam online as the popular brand, Etilaam, for instance. These tablets are packaged in a foil strip packet with dark blue, coated pills of 1mg strengths. They often display the markings 'EZ' engraved onto the pills.

The oral pills are swallowed with a drink of water or placed under the tongue. They are used in the following dosages:

  • Panic disorder: 0.5mg, administered twice a day (pills may be split if required)
  • Anxiety disorder: 0.25mg - 0.5mg, administered twice in a day
  • Insomnia: 1mg - 2mg, administered once a day before bed

The total daily dosage should be set at a limit of 3mg and this is irrespective of the condition you are treating. After consuming the medication, there is a 30 to 60 minute onset to action, and peak levels are attained 3 to 4 hours after ingestion. The duration of therapeutic action can last as long as 6 to 8 hours.

Etizolam Side Effects

When used as recommended, the side effects arising from etizolam use are considered mild, and the medication is well-tolerated. If experienced, side effects may include sleepiness, decreased appetite, nausea and impaired co-ordination.

If you buy cheap etizolam or non-approved brands or generics, then you could experience side effects not normally associated with this medication or greater severity of the known adverse effects. With that said, you can buy the cheapest etizolam approved meds on the market, from reputable suppliers and platforms like ours.

Etizolam Warnings And Precautions

Etizolam is metabolised almost entirely by the liver. Those with liver dysfunction are cautioned when using these anxiety pills as the impairment can negatively affect this metabolism. Other long-term effects can include ataxia (a neurological disorder which affects co-ordination and balance), bradycardia (slow heart rate) and respiratory depression. These effects are however, not considered severe and tend to occur infrequently.

To prevent any harm with regard to the long-term effects (and those in short term as well) you should:

  • Control the quantity of medicine taken in a single session
  • Try a test amount if you are new to the medication and then wait an hour before taking any more of the pills
  • Avoid mixing the tablets with alcohol
  • Avoid using this medication if you have a history of benzodiazepine abuse
  • Avoid operating any heavy machinery after administration

Buy Etizolam Online

Just because etizolam may be unlicensed or regulated in some locations, does not mean it is difficult to find. Neither does it mean that its approved or off-label benefits and uses are in any way diminished. You can buy etizolam online from pharmacies such as ours, where we pride ourselves in making safe and effective medication accessible and affordable.

Apart from providing you with the medication you require, we can also help you answer some of your health questions regarding these pharmaceuticals. In fact, one of the leading reasons the internet is used these days, is to source health information regarding various diseases, conditions / disorders as well as the pharmaceuticals used to treat them.

So if you have any common questions such as What is etizolam? or How should I use etizolam 1mg? our extensive information resources should address all your queries or you can simply contact customer support today for further assistance.

Customer Reviews

J.Green – May 16, 2022
Have purchased 3 times and I will definitely buy from you again. Comes in discrete packaging and arrived within a couple of days. Used my MasterCard and got 10 extra tablets for free. Lifesavers, Thank you.
Laura ward – May 11, 2022
Always had the best service with these guys. Me an my partner have been using them a good few years now and havent had any issues theyve all been fantastic at communicating an providing tracking number if the order is longer than normal
Laz – Nov 09, 2021
Ordered etizoam was very happy, have placed 2 more orders,
Fiona – Jul 04, 2021
Wow. These are absolutely excellent in providing you with a warm and relaxing feeling when you need it. I suffer from anxiety and I am embarrassed to tarnish my medical records with endless confessions of fear and failure and whatnot. Therefore, this site is a God send. I received free pills on top of my order arriving a few days after ordering, wow. They arrive in a proper packet and are obviously manufactured professionally. No negative side effects. 100 percent legit
Mary Klaus – Apr 22, 2021
Really impressed with this company. The order process was very thorough and the delivery was excellent. I would 100 recommend and will be ordering again
Tess Mathers – Feb 19, 2021
I am a first time customer and have been very impressed with the service. My order arrived discreetly packaged right on time and the medication has been nothing short of excellent. Tess Mathers

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